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Info on understanding your metasymbology yearly chart. I haven't posted this in a while, so I figured I should put it up again.

Metasymbology Basics

Much like astrology, metasymbology is a complex divination system that is predetermined and charted, as opposed to being flexible and drawn, such as tarot. Therefore, any year of anyone’s life may be charted at any time. Metasymbology is based on astrology, numerology, and a host of other ancient fortune-telling methods, and uses standard playing cards.

In the system of metasymbology, each person has a Birth Card that is based on the day that they were born. This card never changes. The Birth Card, sometimes also referred to as the “Sun Card” or “Soul Card,” indicates your basic personality, much like your astrological Sun Sign.

Each person also has one Planetary Ruling Card, with the exception of Leos, who have none, and Scorpios, who have two. This is because Leo is a planet ruled by the Sun, so the Planetary Ruling Card would be the same as the Birth Card; Scorpios have two ruling planets, and therefore two Planetary Ruling Cards. Your Planetary Ruling Card indicates how you manifest your life; in other words, the way in which you choose to think and act throughout your life. Most people identify more with their Planetary Ruling Cards than their Birth Cards. As you progress through your life and/or spiritually grow, you will find that you will begin to identify with your Birth Card more.

About Yearly Spreads

A yearly spread covers the period from your birthday of one year until the day before your birthday the following year. There are 18 cards in this spread for each Birth Card and Planetary Card: 5 yearlong influence cards, that will affect you throughout the course of the year; and 13 period cards that affect you during certain defined periods, although these may affect you to a lesser extent for the entire year. For certain years, there may be an additional period card. The descriptions of the meanings of each card placement are listed on the following pages.

About Yearlong Influence Cards

In the metasymbology system, there are 5 Yearlong Influence cards: the Long-Range Card, the Pluto and Result Cards (these are paired), the Environment Card, and the Displacement Card.

The Long-Range Card is the most important card of the year. This is the major focus of this year for you.

”Want to know the biggest challenge you have put before yourself for the upcoming or present year, as well as what will be the outcome of your efforts at personal transformation? Well, the next two “yearlong” influence cards are going to give you this vital information. These are called the Pluto and Result Cards. [They] are interpreted as a pair.”

The Environment Card represents an area where you will receive easily.

The Displacement Card represents an area where you must give freely.

About Period Cards

Period Cards, as indicated by their name, cover a particular period of 52 days during the yearly cycle. These periods are: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Your chart will start on your birthday with Mercury, and work through the periods to end with Neptune on the day before your next birthday.

Period Cards occur in pairs, and so you will notice that I have listed them in Direct Card/Vertical Card order. Often the Direct Card (DC) will be the primary card, and the Vertical Card (VC) will give more detail about the DC, although this is not always the case. A note on this: a Four or Eight as one of the cards will negate or override the other one – so if you have a difficult card and either a Four or Eight paired with it, you should be able to overcome that problem or issue. Often the connections between these pairs are not obvious – if you would like me to interpret them for you, please let me know.

The exception to this is the Neptune Period, which may have one or two cards. This period’s cards are interpreted separately from each other.

Mercury Period

Mercury represents communication, and so most of the situations that occur during this period will be focused on that in some way. It may manifest in internal (thinking) and/or external (speaking) ways. Mercury also represents speed, and so you will often find that things that occur during this period tend to be short-lived and have less of an impact on you overall.

Venus Period

Venus tells us how things will go in your home, and with family and loved ones. It also shows how your romantic life will favor for the year.

Mars Period

Mars is associated with anger and passion, manifesting in action. Therefore, during this period you will likely run on high energy and motivation, but this is also a period of arguments and restlessness.

Jupiter Period

Jupiter is a period of blessings. This is likely to be when good things happen to you, or turbulent times smooth out. This can be a prosperous time, especially financially.

Saturn Period

Saturn is associated with Karma, and so this is the most difficult period during the year, because you are usually facing karmic debt or lessons, or other difficult situations. You may experience illness during this period. However, this is usually a good time in your career.

Uranus Period

Uranus is associated with spirituality and personal freedom. Often people detach themselves from others at this point in order to work on personal development.

Neptune Period

Neptune is about hopes and fears. Often there is secrecy associated with this period, and this can translate into miscommunication, deception, and other problems. On the flip side, this is a great period for profound spiritual knowledge or occurrences. Just be aware that your perceptions during this period may not be the reality.
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