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For boon_faerie - Yearly Chart

boon_faerie - Yearly Chart for 12/22/05 - 12/21/06

Yearlong Influence Cards

Long-Range Cards

5 of Clubs – This will be a year of important changes for you, both within and without your mind, and in your external environment. On a deep level, you are undergoing a shift in your belief structures or your philosophy of life, or in the way you have been thinking about your future. These changes could be the result of many new influences in your life and possibly from things you learn while traveling. Often, this card shows up in people’s spreads who are taking on new ideas through school or new jobs.

Often, this card manifests as curiosity and restlessness. Many people move to a new location under this influence, so if you are thinking of moving, this could be the year. However, it manifests externally, so it will reflect a change in your mental pattern. Traveling is also a common experience when this card is present and is probably one of the easier ways to manifest its energies.

The negative possibilities of this card are that of being skeptical to others’ ideas and of not having any commitment to any philosophy or ideology. You could feel like a leaf blowing in the wind of others’ opinions and ideas. If so, be rest assured that it is only part of the process. Your point of view is changing and probably won’t settle down until the year is over.

Queen of Diamonds – The Queen of Diamonds represents a women who often spends beyond her means. Often she is successfully engaged in her own business or some business capacity. Service through money is her motto, and she is generous to those she loves. There may be such a woman (or man) in your life this year who comes into major focus. However, it also means that you will have some of the attributes of the Queen of Diamonds mentioned above. This influence can be very good for management of a business and financial success in almost any business or other endeavor. However, one should also be aware of the expensive tastes of the Queen of Diamonds, which accompany her business acumen. Inwardly, the Queen of Diamonds is one who gives others a higher and more spiritual set of values – another important role you may play this year.

Pluto/Result Cards

Ace of Hearts – Getting your affectional needs met will be a major issue for you this year, one that motivates you to make adjustments in your life to create new relationships. There is a strong desire for affection present. Whether it is directed towards one person, who might be your Result Card, or just towards finding a special person you can share your love with, it is certain that you will be making some changes in your life this year in order to see some results in this area.

This is an important year for you emotionally. You may have just ended a time where your love life was unsatisfactory in one or more ways. You now realize that you have to do something if you are to create new or better relationships in your life. In all your zest for love and friendships, be careful not to overdo it or expect too much from others. Remember that everyone does not have the exact same needs that you do and is not in the exact same situation. Their needs may be different, and their level of desire for love may not be at the same level of intensity as yours. Whatever the case, your own desire will guide you to make the best decisions.

Another important note for those who might be working on having a baby. This year could be challenging for you in this regard but don’t give up.

Ace of Diamonds (RC) – One of your major goals this year, noted by your Pluto Card, will somehow include or cause you to end up with an entirely new way of making money. Perhaps this is the year that you set definite financial goals for yourself and decide that you deserve to have more money to spend. At any rate, this highly motivating influence promises that by year’s end you will be off in a new direction heading towards the realization of your financial dreams.

9 of Spades – This year you have one of the most challenging cards, the Nine of Spades. This card can signal a year of losses of many kinds. In many ways, this will be a year of completions and endings. You may lose your job or have to contend with lingering health problems that force you to change your habits. You could even lose someone you know, and this passing many not be easy for you to cope with.

For some people, transitions and changes of such a dramatic nature are very hard to deal with. An attitude that all is happening for a good reason will go a long way towards your getting through this year with sanity and peace of mind.

What is being called for this year is for you to let go of certain important parts of your lifestyle that are no longer good for you or those around you. Whether you can see it or not, you have reached a place of completion in those areas and need to move on. If you resist, it will seem like these endings are being forced upon you. See this as a year of completions as you prepare for a whole new chapter of life. The next year will be one of new beginnings leading you in an entirely new direction that is much better for you on all levels.

7 of Spades (RC) – As part of this year’s major challenge, represented by your Pluto Card, you will be working with negative patterns in yourself that may have been affecting your health or your ability to work with others effectively. The Seven of Spades will show you where there are areas to be upgraded, and it is certain that you will see them and do something about it. Achieving this new level of health or spirituality may not be easy, but you will surely do it before your next birthday.



10 of Diamonds – Financial matters should proceed smoothly this year, and you should have a certain amount of financial protection as well. If there are circumstances where large sums of money are involved, these situations should resolve themselves in your favor. You may even feel protected by some large sum of money that is at your disposal. With such protection, you can safely proceed with business expansion or other financial deals designed to increase your wealth.

This is one of the most powerful of the wish cards. Expect one or more important things to turn out just as you would like them to. This is a year for you to collect some good karma from good deeds that you performed some time in your past.



7 of Clubs – Underlying all the difficult events and experiences of this year will be a subtle personal challenge that you will be facing and working on. This will likely be that of your learning to adopt a more positive attitude and a more positive expression of your ideas, feelings, etc. The Seven of Clubs represents a higher, spiritual mind. In its highest state, this card bring profound realizations about the true meanings of life along with a sense of unencumbered freedom from all of life’s worries and fears. You might say that this is one of your goals this year, to achieve more of the high side of this card. In doing so, you may face negative patterns of thought and communications that are holding you back in an old habitually negative response to life. If you are interested in spiritual philosophy and concepts, this will be the year that you have to put these into solid practice.

This may seem like a difficult year in some respects, but it has a very good purpose as seen from a higher perspective. You are being prepared for a rebirth into a newer and much higher life than you have been living lately. After all, you are in the middle of one of the most significant cycles of your life, one which peaks next year as you reach the Pinnacle position. This year of mental house-cleaning will be just the right kind of mental preparation you need to fully experience the wonderful changes that are coming.

Period Cards

Mercury (12/22/05 – 2/12/06)

King of Clubs(DC) - This powerful card of applied wisdom guarantees success in all your mental pursuits this period and this year. Your ability to distinguish the truth from illusion and to sort out the myriad of details seems amazing. You can apply the mind power of the “King of Knowledge” to any mental pursuit with success. You may even take a leadership role at work or in some mental pursuit that sets you apart from the crowd. Even your intuition is running high now.

2 of Hearts (VC) - This time period could bring a sudden or unexpected relationship, passion for someone, or meeting of lovers or dear friends. This is a good influence for getting together with a close friend to share intellectual pursuits. Mercury’s influence brings a flirtatious and flighty nature into your life, and you may be learning about love through experimentation and variety now. Relationships may not last long during this period, but they will be enjoyable.

Queen of Spades (DC) - During this period, you will have the opportunity to experience “Mastery of your Mind.” This translates as having control over your thoughts, which in turn controls the things you manifest in your life. Take responsibility for what you create in your world by realizing that the way you think determines how things show up in your life. Also during this period, you may find yourself working hard at some mental project. Your organizational skills are high now.

5 of Hearts (VC) - This period could be marked by sudden changes in feelings or a sudden move away from loved ones. Travel, separations, and changes could bring emotional turmoil and insecurity during this period. Watch out for a tendency towards fickleness that goes along with this influence. At the same time, you may be able to meet a lot of new and interesting people during this period, and some of them could end up as romantic partners.

Venus (2/13/05 – 4/5/06)

Jack of Hearts(DC) - This card indicates putting aside your personal desires to help someone in the family. This could be a young friend, a lover, or a relative. This is always a card of sacrifice in love, usually for someone younger. You are inspired by a higher realization of truth to do something that is noble and brave. This card also gives you mastery of your emotions and affectional impulses, which can bring you more success in all of your personal relationships.

8 of Spades (VC) - During this period, an active and productive social life will bring many rewards. Your job could bring in much money and social success now. This card can also represent groups of females meeting for work, community events, or just plain fun. This influence brings much power associated with women, friends, social occasions, and the home and family, as well as a strong desire to stand well in the community and have intelligent, well-to-do friends.

This is such a powerful and stabilizing influence that it will produce very good results during this period, even if your other Venus Card is one of challenge or adversity.

3 of Diamonds (DC) - This card represents financial worries that can cause problems in your relationships. At this time, you may be choosing friends and lovers out of your worry over money or choosing a job in a hurry that meets your immediate money needs but doesn’t suit you in the long run. In any event, it is unwise to mix love and money during this period. It is also advised to do things that will relax you so you can make better decisions about your work and money.

5 of Diamonds (VC) - During this period, you may find that your friends or lovers somehow become expansive. You should not do business with friends under this influence. Your desire for love or luxury could deplete your resources. An overemphasis on money could affect the status of your friendships during this period, especially related to some woman in your life. This is an influence of emotional instability and restlessness, and this could be the cause of changes now.

Mars (4/6/06 – 5/27/06)

Ace of Spades(DC) - This card can represent a secret love affair or marriage, especially for women. There could be an involvement in secret work or investigative work. This can also mean a secret shared with a male or a desire to delve into the “inner mysteries” of life. The Ace of Spades in Mars is probably the most passionate and aggressive combination of influences possible. With this powerful card in this position, you have all the drive and ambition you need to excel at anything you do. You might find many answers to your problems by applying a spiritual approach. Just be careful not to overdo things during this period. Excessiveness can be dangerous at times.

6 of Spades (VC) - This period may bring the settlement of a lawsuit or of some dealings with men. This card indicates steady employment and steady health and neutralizes any influence that promotes change. If you are involved in a legal matter, rest assured that the outcome will be strictly just in all ways. You should be careful of all aggressive actions and expressions now, as this powerful karmic influence promises that you will get back exactly what you put out.

6 of Spades (DC) - This period may bring the settlement of a lawsuit or of some dealings with men. This card indicates steady employment and steady health and neutralizes any influence that promotes change. If you are involved in a legal matter, rest assured that the outcome will be strictly just in all ways. You should be careful of all aggressive actions and expressions now, as this powerful karmic influence promises that you will get back exactly what you put out.

9 of Clubs (VC) - This period could bring a troubling lawsuit or competition from some male. Relationships with males in particular are not good with this influence. You could even lose your job due to an argument or dispute with someone. This card can bring antagonism from others, especially if you are expressing a lot of aggression and impatience. Impatience may even cause you to change your line of work. Be careful about any gambling and speculation at this time.

Look to your other Mars Card to find out what or who is involved in the challenges or endings that may arise during this period. Also, keep in mind that a positive card, such as Four, Eight, or Ten, would tell you that regardless of the challenges present, you are likely to have a happy and productive outcome to the situations that present themselves during this fifty-two-day period.

Jupiter (5/28/06 – 7/18/06)

9 of Clubs(DC) - This influence brings financial success through the spreading of knowledge or by doing some sort of spiritual teaching. It also suggests that this period will bring the culmination of a project or way of making money that was started some time ago. Through endings are often interpreted as losses, because this card falls in the Jupiter period, it is certain that this completion will bring you more of what you truly want out of life. Some of your best chances for success now lie in applying a universal and giving approach in your work while recognizing the power of your own mind.

Don’t resist any endings or completions that may occur during this period. They will quickly bring you to a new beginning with much better things in store for you.

6 of Clubs (VC) - A heightened sense of intuition and sensitivity are the keys to much success in all areas at the time, particularly financial and business related. At the same time, your complacency could be your greatest obstacle. Overcome your complacency and contentment now and make the extra effort during this auspicious influence. Every effort will pay off in a big way. Of course, if you already have everything you want, you can sit back and enjoy it.

It is a good idea to stay with the things and projects you have already initiated. That is where your financial gains lie during this period unless other indicators are present.

10 of Diamonds (DC) - This is one of the best possible indicators of success in business and money. Expansion of all financial and business interests will bring added success. This card represents large sums of money changing hands, usually into your hands. This could be a result of an investment or from your business. Sound business sense and good luck are on your side, and you will prefer the company of successful and like-minded people now.

This card is arguably the best card possible for financial success. However, it will only bring success to those who are engaged in some enterprise that has the possibility of experiencing such a grand success. Someone without a job or on a fixed income will not receive much out of this card.

3 of Hearts (VC) - An overabundance of charm and magnetism could lead to social or romantic problems during this period. Overdoing it romantically or scattering your interests could lead to relationships of questionable value and could even cost you money if you mix love and money together.

On the positive side, this energy is best used for success in social and business situations, as you apply your charm to groups. The people you meet now could be very helpful in these areas. Sometimes this can represent having two love interests at the same time. If so, the challenge could be just handling so much attention at the same time.

Saturn (7/19/06 – 9/8/06)

Ace of Clubs(DC) - This period may bring an unwelcome letter or news, perhaps from or about a sick person. Unfulfilled desires for knowledge or unrealized goals are also possible now. Projects, plans, or ideas that begin now will be challenging and require more work than imagined. Success requires a serious and determined education; doing things halfway or sporadically will not work. To realize your educational goals, you will have to be self-disciplined and focused. Distractions and a lack of focused effort could bring disappointments in this regard.

King of Diamonds (VC) - Though financial success is attainable during this period, you may not feel that it is worth the amount of effort and difficulty in order to attain it. If you have your own business, this is especially true. See yourself laying the foundation for future successes. The problems you work with now will set the stage for more expansion and prosperity later. Any Diamonds men in your life may assume a teaching role with you, or they may become a burden.

Jack of Spades (DC) - This card can represent difficulties through association with an incompetent physician. It would be wise not to put your trust in doctors during this period, or for the year to a lesser extent. There is also the possibility of being ripped-off in some way, so it is advisable to watch over your personal possessions and beware of those who may be dishonest or disreputable. The other card during this period will give further details about this Jack of Spades influence.

Be on the lookout for men of the Spades suit, especially those who are younger or who may be approaching you from either a romantic or creative point of view. These are likely to prove burdensome in some way during this period.

6 of Diamonds (VC) - This card indicates a lack of change in money, health, or business, even when it is desired. Financial debts and obligations will be paid during this period, and they could be expensive, depending upon how you have handled matters in the past. Any deviations from strict honesty and fairness in your financial dealings could be very expensive in more ways than one. Though compromises and honesty may be difficult now, they are the only route to freedom.

You may be confronted with the results of things you did in the past now, and you may not like what you see or appreciate the timing of having to pay for such actions now. But this is how karma works, and if you face it squarely and honestly, you will learn and grow from this experience.

Uranus (9/9/06 – 10/30/06)

Queen of Hearts(DC) - This influence can bring an unexpected or unusual marriage or romantic encounter. Kinky sex is also indicated. Your romantic partner or marriage partner may seem a bit unpredictable now. This is the time to allow some freedom in your personal relationships and to let go of attachments. Perhaps you need a little space yourself. You can access high levels of being together if you give each other plenty of breathing room and the freedom to be yourselves. Create some space.

Any women of the Hearts suit may seem to be somewhat unpredictable during this period, and to a lesser extent for the entire year. To insure success in your relationships with them, it would be best to just step back and allow them to do or be whatever they need to. A good friendship comes from unconditional love and acceptance.

7 of Clubs (VC) - This period could bring unexpected trouble or doubts related to work, a friend, or a real estate transaction. Perhaps some plans you have made were unexpectedly interrupted. Under this highly spiritual influence, you must be prepared to let go of your plans and adopt a positive attitude in spite of whatever circumstances present themselves. Then you may experience the “higher mind” potential of this card, cosmic consciousness, and freedom from worry and concern.

This is a good influence for spiritual matters, learning new spiritual information, attending classes, etc. Also keep in mind that a positive card, such as a Four, Eight, or Ten, in the other position this period would offset any problematic situations that may arise and bring about good results overall.

10 of Spades (DC) - This card represents success in organizations of labor, real estate, or other earth related businesses. General success in work and the overcoming of work and health difficulties are suggested by this card. This success also applies in the areas of humanitarian work, futuristic technology, or in some unusual manner. This is an excellent influence and gives you a special gift of dealing with groups of people in a healing and positive way.

Jack of Diamonds (VC) - This card may represent a Diamonds man in your life that is involved perhaps in real estate, electronics, computers, or labor relations. He can be a very good friend as long as you don’t have many expectations of how he should be. Otherwise he will leave you feeling uncertain. In any case, he is quite creative and innovative. All of his qualities are yours during this period and you will surely reap high financial returns if you apply them in your business.

Any Diamond males you know may be acting strangely now or leaving you feeling uncertain about their intentions or commitments. It would be best just to let them go their own way and maintain an open friendship.

Neptune (10/31/06 – 12/21/06)

7 of Clubs - This is an influence of worrying over imaginary problems. Your confusion could stem from a heightened imagination, stimulated by Neptune. Strive for balance and common sense. Some cherished ideal may be thwarted or confused by events. Travel may have many disappointing experiences connected with it. However, if you apply the spiritual quality of this card by releasing fears and attachments to your plans, you could experience the higher consciousness of this card.

This is an excellent influence for the pursuit of spiritual knowledge – reading books, taking classes, etc. that will deepen your understanding of life and how you fit into it.

Jack of Diamonds - This card can represent a traveling salesman or a young merchant you meet while traveling. If so, be careful not to place too much trust in him. There could be deception involved. Otherwise, this card promises some financial success for you by applying creativity and salesmanship to your current business or profession. If your current line of work demands some creative ideas to get things moving, now is the time to do just that.

Any younger men of the Diamonds suit that you meet during this period, and to lesser extent, this entire year, are likely to be a little hard for you to see objectively. You could easily project your fantasies on them, romantic or otherwise. Therefore, it is best not to make any important decisions related to them until after your next birthday.
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