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For deza - Yearly Chart

deza - Yearly Chart for 12/22/05 - 12/21/06

Yearlong Influence Cards

Long-Range Cards

6 of Hearts – The Six of Hearts is a symbol of stability and perhaps monotony in love and affections. For those who seek a secure foundation in love, this could be a welcome situation, though there will likely be compromises and lessons. At the same time, the karmic nature of the six indicates the possibility of relationships that are in some way paying off old debts, even from past lives. If a significant new relationship does enter your life this year, you can bet that this will bring with it the balancing of the karmic scales in terms of love and affection. This year will show you the value of giving as you “reap what you sow” in the areas of love.

Whatever the specific nature of the events in your relationships this year, it is sure that what you will be experiencing will help you develop an appreciation for being responsible for yourself as far as romantic and friendship connections are concerned.

King of Diamonds – The King of Diamonds is a very powerful card for financial success that can be yours if you decide to start your own business or take a leadership position where you currently work. You are being given the gift of “know-how” that makes companies successful. This could be applied to marketing, sales, management or any business role with success but is especially powerful as the head of a business. Use this influence to launch your own enterprise.

Pluto/Result Cards

6 of Diamonds – The Six of Diamonds is a very strong influence for the settling out of financial matters and repayment of debts. Somehow, you are either dealing with these in a very big way this year or you are working on developing a definite sense of good values about your money and debts. Perhaps you are very much in debt and you are facing the situation squarely and honestly, doing everything you can to meet your obligations. Or perhaps you are very restless by nature, and this year you want to acquire some of the benefits of working consistently in one vein. Sometimes, the Six of Diamonds creates a situation whereby financial matters remain somewhat static, and this can be challenging when a change is desired.

One of the greatest potentials of this card is that you could actually discover or deepen your connection to an important and meaningful purpose in your life. This card’s appearance in this important spot could be the signal of the time in your life when you find something of greater meaning to stand for.

9 of Clubs (RC) – Much of the challenge for you this year will be to let go of outworn ideas, projects, plans, or ways of communicating. This is a year of completions that may at times seem like disappointing endings. The Nine of Clubs says that you are completing a major chapter in your life and it is time to move on to greener pastures. Be open to spiritual wisdom in all forms, as this will help make the change easier.

8 of Clubs – The Eight of Clubs as the Pluto Card means this is a year of developing your mind power to concentrate on certain goals and aspirations. With this concentration will come more success in your life, but only after you have made the changes in yourself that will give you more focus of mind and will. You may desire success in more or more of the mental fields such as writing, learning, teaching, speaking, or communications.

Somehow, the success that you desire this year comes from a fixed and powerful mental state, perhaps by sticking with one or two important principles until they bear fruit. Others may see you as being stubborn or fixed at times, but inwardly, you sense that it takes this kind of single-mindedness to accomplish the success you desire. You will have to develop new habits to accomplish this goal, and the going will not always be easy. However, the influences are good, and you should accomplish all you set out to achieve. Combine the meaning of this mental “power card” with your Result Card to get the whole picture of why this mental power and success is important to you or who is involved in the developing of it.

Queen of Spades (RC) – This powerful card of spiritual attainment guarantees that whatever the major challenges and changes of this year, represented by your Pluto Card, you will achieve success related to them and also success in any area of your life by going within for your answers and making fundamental changes in yourself. Though these changes may be very difficult at times, the end result will be well worth the efforts.



Jack of Clubs – During this year, you could reap many rewards from the creative application of your mind and thinking ability. If you have been wanting new ideas, creative and enterprising ideas on how to better your life and work situation, this is the year when your wishes will be fulfilled. This is the time to express yourself and to let your wildest ideas come forth to be shared with others. Whether you are speaking or writing this year, you will be well received by others.



9 of Spades – This is likely to be a crucial year for you in which a major chapter of your life has come to an end. Some aspect of your life has reached its point of fulfillment and now must be swept away to make room for a new cycle of growth and opportunity. Be prepared and open to endings in most any area and you will be much less likely to suffer the disappointment and frustration generally associated with this card.

Often health matters come into play with this powerful card. If you have any negative habits that affect your health adversely, there is a very good chance that these habits will have to be cleared out this year. In many cases it can be a matter of life or death – get rid of the bad habits or else. But for those who are aware of themselves, there will be no surprises, and the endings will be seen as the next stage in the evolutionary journey.

Another common manifestation of this card is loss of a job or the death of one or more people who are close to us. In any of these cases, regardless of how unfair they may seem to us at the time, whatever is lost was not really a part of us that was good for us anymore. It is only our fear of the unknown that keeps us clinging on to jobs, relationships, and other things that we know inside are not good for us. We would rather suffer with the familiar than have to face an uncertain future. But when the Nine of Spades comes along, major housecleaning will occur. Just what areas of your life are affected, whether it be work, health, lifestyle, or relationships, will depend upon your personal circumstances. Life is an always-changing phenomena, and though we are attached to things the way they are, everything must evolve and grow eventually. This year marks an important graduation year for you. You have come a long way with things the way they are and have now progressed far enough that you are ready for a new future. All that remains is to clear out the old to make way for the new.

Period Cards

Mercury (12/22/05 – 2/12/06)

4 of Spades(DC) - This period may bring an unexpected or sudden satisfaction or resolution of some matter, perhaps related to your work or health. This satisfaction could also be related to a short trip, a communication, education, or a relative of yours. It may also be a somewhat short-lived satisfaction. This basically indicates a settling of affairs in the areas indicated. The only negative effect of this influence would be a stubbornness of the mind.

This is such a powerful and stabilizing influence that it will produce very good results during this period, even if your other Mercury Card is one of challenge or adversity.

2 of Hearts (VC) - This time period could bring a sudden or unexpected relationship, passion for someone, or meeting of lovers or dear friends. This is a good influence for getting together with a close friend to share intellectual pursuits. Mercury’s influence brings a flirtatious and flighty nature into your life, and you may be learning about love through experimentation and variety now. Relationships may not last long during this period, but they will be enjoyable.

Ace of Clubs (DC) - This is an influence of great interest and curiosity about something, arising quickly. It could be the desire for news about something at a short distance or about one of your relatives. There is something that you want to know RIGHT NOW! This could also mean a secret letter containing valuable information. In general, you will have a curiosity at this time that could motivate you to pursue educational goals or to increase your knowledge in many areas.

3 of Spades (VC) - This period could bring some insecurity arising from indecision over two choices of some kind. This could be about work, health, travel, home, or friends. There could be many short trips during this period, or you may be working two jobs at once. You may unexpectedly receive two offers for work at the same time. Under this influence, variety and changes may cause more anxiety than usual, and your own indecisive nature could be the underlying cause.

The Three of Spades is called the “Artist’s Card” because it brings so much creativity. Use this influence to create new ideas and plans for the future. Your other Mercury Card may tell you what you are creative or indecisive about or indicate the outcome of your creative endeavors during this fifty-two day period.

Venus (2/13/05 – 4/5/06)

Jack of Hearts(DC) - This card indicates putting aside your personal desires to help someone in the family. This could be a young friend, a lover, or a relative. This is always a card of sacrifice in love, usually for someone younger. You are inspired by a higher realization of truth to do something that is noble and brave. This card also gives you mastery of your emotions and affectional impulses, which can bring you more success in all of your personal relationships.

4 of Hearts (VC) - This card bestows much happiness in love or marriage or friendships in general. A card of overall contentment with many blessings, both material and spiritual, this is one of the best influences for marriage and starting a family. Under this influence, your closest relationships will be very satisfying. This card could represent your current marriage, and chances are not that you are enjoying it more than ever.

This is such a powerful and stabilizing influence that it will produce very good results during this period, even if your other Venus Card is one of challenge or adversity.

Queen of Diamonds (DC) - During this period, you have a heightened sense of how to successfully create more money in business. Use this ability in any line of work you do where you need a financial increase or a creative marketing plan. You will have your best success in businesses that involve items for the home or beauty, or related to the arts in some way. The Queen of Diamonds will also encourage you to go out and spend some money on items for the home, new clothes, or beauty products. Be careful to not spend beyond your budget.

Your relations with Diamond females should be very good during this period. There may be one or two of them that play an important role in your life now. That role is likely to be one that is pleasant and enjoyable for you.

5 of Diamonds (VC) - During this period, you may find that your friends or lovers somehow become expansive. You should not do business with friends under this influence. Your desire for love or luxury could deplete your resources. An overemphasis on money could affect the status of your friendships during this period, especially related to some woman in your life. This is an influence of emotional instability and restlessness, and this could be the cause of changes now.

Mars (4/6/06 – 5/27/06)

10 of Diamonds(DC) - During this period, drive, ambition, and honest effort will bring great financial success. This success could be a legal matter or related to men in some way. Resist the temptation to speculate at this time. Success comes with the right application of values and fairness. You have the ability to make a tremendous amount of money now, but it must be made with honest effort and honorable action. Deviations from higher
values could bring trouble.

Jack of Spades (VC) - Beware of dishonest dealings with men or legal involvements during this period. Don’t’ be tempted to take shortcuts at the expense of honesty. If you get ripped off, the lessons you learn may not seem to be worth the price you paid for them. Be watchful of attorneys, especially because the ones you attract now are probably not very honest. You have a lot to lose if you or they are not working by the book. Use this powerful influence to generate more creative ideas for your work or business.

4 of Diamonds (DC) - This influence brings an aggressive capacity to make money. This can also indicate satisfaction in a legal or tax matter or one involving a male associate. This is a card of overcoming other ill influences and can counteract any negative cards during this same period. An aggressive pursuit of your financial goals now could bring in huge returns. You will want to work hard to earn your money. Make a wish list and pursue it.

The stabilizing influence of this card is powerful and will bring a happy period for you, even if the indication of your other Mars Card are more challenging. Even if your other Mars Card indicated a challenge or problem, this card guarantees that you will overcome it and that the result will be a positive one. A successful card in the position will further strengthen the influence of this card and could tell you who or what you will experience such satisfaction with during this fifty-two day period.

King of Diamonds (VC) - You can expect a certain amount of financial success during this period, especially if you have specific goals that you are aggressively pursuing. Legal matters will go your way, and you can do very well in your own business or by handling your own investments. You have the “Master of Finance” in your life now. Use this influence to make more money or to start your own business. Success is assured, especially if this is the top card of the pair in the Mars period.

Jupiter (5/28/06 – 7/18/06)

9 of Diamonds(DC) - Under Jupiter, this card can mean affluence. Spending or investing a large sum of money is indicated, which means you have to have money in order to spend it. A large sum of money can be both made and lost, all within this period. This card indicates extravagant tastes and poor judgment with money, which can cause financial loss to the point of discomfort. You might find much satisfaction, however, in matters that involve charity or other community service.

It is likely that a job or occupation could come to an end now, but if so, it will probably be one of the better endings you have had in your life. The end will be easy and perhaps financially protected. If you resist any endings that occur now, you are only depriving yourself of the wonderful changes that are moving you to a new and better stage of your life.

10 of Spades (VC) - This is one of the most powerful indicators of success in work and money enterprises. This influence favors expansion of business and dealings with powerful money people. Money may come through travel also. Honesty and integrity will pay off in a big way. Think BIG now. This is also the time for you to expand your operations into what they could be. Politics, religion, and working with the public are favored, but you can flourish in other types of work as well.

6 of Diamonds (DC) - During this period, you may receive payments owed to you by others that will contribute to your financial success. Allow yourself to receive. At the same time, your best success comes from remaining constant and from being open to compromise and adjustments. Avoid speculation and gambling during this period. Just keep giving to others, and watch the returns keep coming in.

8 of Spades (VC) - This is one of the strongest symbols of business and personal power and success. At this time, you will either expand your operations or make some invaluable connection with some large company that increases your own financial power appreciably. This is also one of the best signs of good health and recovery from any and all problems you may be facing. You can overcome all obstacles now through honest effort and integrity.

To take the fullest advantage of the opportunities presented by this card, you should find ways to expand your business interests. Someone on a fixed income may not experience the financial benefits of this card, since there is no way for them to increase the volume of goods or services that allows greater finances to manifest. However, if you have a business, this is the year to expand and to open up to more prosperity. You are in the midst of a cycle of prosperity.

Saturn (7/19/06 – 9/8/06)

Ace of Clubs(DC) - This period may bring an unwelcome letter or news, perhaps from or about a sick person. Unfulfilled desires for knowledge or unrealized goals are also possible now. Projects, plans, or ideas that begin now will be challenging and require more work than imagined. Success requires a serious and determined education; doing things halfway or sporadically will not work. To realize your educational goals, you will have to be self-disciplined and focused. Distractions and a lack of focused effort could bring disappointments in this regard.

Ace of Diamonds (VC) - During this period, you may experience a thwarted desire for money or a desire for money (fear of poverty) that brings problems or ill health. Any new businesses or money-making enterprises that begin now will demand a lot of hard work to get them to pay off. This could also represent a desire for money to help someone who is in need or ill. This is a karmic influence, that is, a payment for past actions. It may well be that some of the problems you are experiencing now stem from your actions in the past, especially if you have been overly attached to material status or possessions.

This influence leads to a general state of feeling impoverished, and it tends to affect the entire year to some extent. It is interesting that our state of abundance is more about how we feel inside than the state of our external affairs. See if you are actually doing fine financially and simply worrying about it more than you need to.

9 of Clubs (DC) - This period could see you experiencing much frustration and worry, and this state of mind could also affect your health. It is also possible that your worrying causes some business losses or even affects your health adversely. Any negative thoughts you have been holding about yourself or others could be at the root of your problems. There is a healing potential now if you take responsibility for your mind and develop better attitudes and beliefs. Community or selfless service could also help.

This card indicates that something important in your life is coming to an end. Because this card falls in Saturn, you will probably resist and dislike this ending more than usual. For this reason, this may represent some personal challenge and learning opportunity for you, one that ultimately expands your view of yourself and the world.

Also bear in mind that the difficulties or challenges indicated by this card could be offset by a strong card in the other Saturn position, for example any of the Fours, Eights, or Tens.

2 of Clubs (VC) - Avoid all arguments and quarreling during this period, as they will have pronounced negative results now. If you have been harboring negative attitudes about anything or anyone, you will now be confronted with the results of such attitudes. Your own health could suffer now at the hands of your belief systems. This period could also see a meeting with a doctor or lawyer for some reason. Power and success are gained through cooperation and a positive attitude.

The Two of Clubs is also known as the “Fear Card” and under Saturn’s influence, it is very likely that you will experience some of this more of less negative influence. It is usually a fear of being alone or a fear of death, and it may not have any basis in reality. The best remedy for this fear is patience and doing things that relax you and make you happy. Any attempts to change your external situation now, if motivated by this fear, will likely backfire. Before trying to change any part of the world outside you, be with your inner feelings, and your chances for success will be much greater.

Uranus (9/9/06 – 10/30/06)

Queen of Diamonds(DC) - This is an excellent influence for financial success in businesses involving either real estate or using your psychic gifts. Your business acumen is strong now. Use it to develop effective ways to market your products and services. Unexpected gains are possible. At the same time, watch a tendency to go out on impulsive spending sprees, the downside of this powerful card.

Any women of the Diamonds suit may seem to be unpredictable during this period, and to a lesser extent, for the entire year. To insure success in your relationships with them, it would be best to just step back and allow them to do or be whatever they need to. A good friendship comes from unconditional love and acceptance.

4 of Diamonds (VC) - This is a good money card, indicating money made through labor, real estate, humanitarian efforts, or in futuristic technology. This can also represent an unusual or unexpected income of money. Your efforts will bring gains at this time. This influence brings good relations with coworkers and any large institutions, which may also be a source of financial gains for you now. In general, you will be feeling satisfied with your financial situation.

This influence is a strongly grounding force that will bring satisfaction in this period, regardless of what card may appear as your other Uranus Card. The net and overall result of this period will be satisfaction and contentment.

7 of Hearts (DC) - Unexpected challenges with friends, associations, or co-workers may arise during this period. You could feel betrayed or abandoned by those in your circle of friends or acquaintances that you care for. You are now being challenged to drop your fears and attachments to others and let them be the individuals they are. Your other card for this period may be a person you are attached to. On the positive side, you are given an opportunity to experience the high side of unconditional love, which could result in a dramatic opening of your heart and mind. We often find ourselves counseling and helping others when this card is present.

This is a good influence for spiritual matters, learning new spiritual information, attending classes, etc. Also, keep in mind that a positive card, such as Four, Eight, or Ten, in the other position this period will offset any problematic situations that may arise and bring about good news overall.

6 of Clubs (VC) - This could be a period of heightened intuition and sensitivity. If you choose to, you could apply these gifts to your work with good results. However, this period may also be one where you are feeling so content with yourself that you choose not to do much with these available gifts. In any event, this will be a period of steadiness in your work and life, especially if you are willing to make a few compromises with friends and associates to keep the peace.

By tuning in to your most subtle thoughts and feelings now, you can make a strong connection to exactly what your life’s purpose is.

Neptune (10/31/06 – 12/21/06)

4 of Diamonds - This is a good card for money and indicates money made related to travel or foreign interests, in the care of others, or in some secret way. You are somewhat protected in all your business dealings under this influence. This is a card of satisfaction in financial affairs and one where you can take time to enjoy the fruits of your labor as well. This can also mean money made through an inheritance, taxes, insurance, or in some secret way.

6 of Clubs - This will most likely be a pleasant period. However, if you were planning a trip for this period, it may not happen. Your intuition is strong and available for the pursuit of knowledge or spiritual goals and may bring you some valuable self-knowledge and understanding. This is a good time for inner development and simply enjoying the things you have worked for and acquired. This is not a good time to plan or execute any major changes in your life.

One of the possible benefits of this card in Neptune is that you could discover or deepen your life’s purpose. All that is required is for you to tune in to your thoughts and feelings, especially when you are alone or meditating.
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