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For everyday_fire - Yearly Chart

everyday_fire - Yearly Chart for 12/12/05 - 12/11/06

Yearlong Influence Cards

Long-Range Cards

10 of Spades – The Ten of Spades is one of the best cards for success and satisfaction in your work and your health, although you can bet that you will have to work for it. With this powerful card present, it is advised that you make a list of all that you want to accomplish this year and get working. You will be successful. At times you will feel that all you do is work, work, work, but for the most, the rewards will be more than the
worth the effort. Success related to groups is highlighted.

King of Hearts – The King of Hearts rules through love. He has all the power and knowledge of love and knows how to use it. This powerful card bestows you with his power, and you can apply this to your personal and professional life this year with great success. This card is an indicator of success in the arts or in any business that deals with the public. Just remember not to abuse this power. Rule with love, and everything will turn out in your favor.

As someone with whom you may have an important involvement with this year, the King of Hearts is usually an older man, kind-hearted, and good tempered, who has considerable charm and emotional persuasiveness. The King of Hearts is a sign of strong feelings and power to influence others that can either help you achieve your goals or get you into trouble.

For women, the King of Hearts can mean having the lover or man of your dreams this year. It can be a sign of marriage as well. For men, the King of Hearts can indicate their role as a father and that this will be an important aspect of their life this year.

Pluto/Result Cards

5 of Spades – There are some challenging and powerful changes in front of you this year. You may feel as though these are forced upon you, but it is more likely that you have been wanting them and asking for them for a while before now. However, now they are upon you, and change you must. These changes may involve your job or business, your place of residence, or your health condition. This would be a good time to get involved in some health improvement program if the latter is the case. Travel may also prove challenging this year in some way. You may want to take a certain trip or vacation and end up with a lot more problems than you imagined just to get it going.

These changes likely reflect a major transition in your lifestyle, and this transition will not always be easy. The time is now to effect some different approaches to the way you live, work, or approach your health. Everything will settle back down next year after these changes have been made. In the meantime, do things that help you stay relaxed. Combine this card with your Result Card to get the whole picture of what this change is
about or who is involved in it.

Queen of Hearts (RC) – This year you may either get married or have a child. The Pluto Card could be the Birth Card of the person you marry or the child that is born. If you are married or have children, you may be challenged by your marriage or your role as a mother. You must make changes in your behavior in order to maintain successful relationships. It is likely that you will succeed.

Ace of Clubs – Having the Ace of Clubs in this powerful position tells us that many of your goals and changes this year will be related to knowledge and communications. One of your important goals for this year will be to launch yourself into an entirely new mental direction. Perhaps you desire a new course of study or to understand a new philosophy of life. Your exposure to some new ideas and beliefs could cause many changes in your life this year, and at times, you may feel a little overwhelmed by these same new ideas and concepts.

The Ace of Clubs also represents computers as new sources of information, so this change could involve something related to them as well. Your curiosity about things will be at an all-time high this year, and you will likely find yourself reading many books and attending classes of different sorts to satisfy this thirst for knowledge.

This will be a year of important new beginnings on many levels, but especially in relationship to your mind, your thinking and your communications with others. You have arrived at a place where you are ready to look at life with an entirely new perspective. Look at the Result Card to see what is related to this new information or philosophy that makes it so stimulating and challenging for you.

Jack of Diamonds (RC) – Somehow connected to your Pluto Card, and perhaps as a result of it, you are being transformed into a highly creative and successful money person. This could be in the role of a sales or marketing person or simply coming up with good ideas for your current business. You may not want to be the boss or take full responsibility for the business, but you will seek recognition and an outlet for your creative energies. Diversify, and you will multiply your rewards.


5 of Clubs – Travel, moves, and other changes will bring benefits into your life this year. You are experiencing a broadening of your mental boundaries and perspectives that will alter the way you see yourself and your life. Let these changes happen, because they are a necessary part of your own progress and development. Welcome opportunities to travel this year. They will bring blessings. At the same time, be open to new points of view, beliefs, and perspectives.

King of Diamonds – This could be a very good year for you financially, especially if you have your own business. Benefits come from all occupations where you are calling the shots, especially those that are heavily financially oriented. This is one of the best times to start a new business of your own or to expand an existing business. You should also do well in any legal matters that arise this year, as you have the power to succeed in many areas.


Jack of Clubs – Creative projects that you may be involved in this year could prove to be a burden at times and take more time and energy than you anticipated. Also, dealings with others who are less than honest could prove challenging. It would be in your best interest to remain straightforward with all your personal and business relationships this year and resist any temptations to get involved in anything dishonest or underhanded. Though this may actually be a successful year by most standards, these sorts of involvements may undermine your efforts or cause damage in other areas.

What is happening on a deeper level is that you are being called upon to rise up to a new level of communication, thinking, and perception, one that is based upon higher principles and more self-responsibility. In that light, you may be exposed to some new philosophies that challenge you to make some changes in your life along these lines. Contact with spiritual books, workshops, etc. will be helpful in this regard. Watch for a tendency towards stubbornness this year. A fixed mind has no room for new information or changes.

3 of Diamonds – This year you will experience the liabilities associated with creativity and an active mind. Artistic endeavors, creative business deals, and other creative enterprises will seem burdened this year and require more energy than planned. Your own worrisome nature will be something that you must deal with this year while you go about your work and life. Worries about money, in particular, may come to the forefront, even though your actual financial situation is fine. Any Three as a Displacement Card is a signal that our mind is a little overactive or overworked and that our many interests have led us to a place of uncertainty and indecision. Settling on one plan, one idea, or one job and finishing it may help relieve some of the doubts and fears that could come up. Try to find a way to weave in the variety you seek in your work or life without sacrificing your security at the same time.

Period Cards

Mercury (12/12/05 – 2/2/06)

Jack of Spades(DC) - During this period, you are given the gift of a creative mind that can come up with some great ideas that can help you in a multitude of ways. This gift can be artistic and so you may get some really good ideas for writing or illustrating something. Be cautious, though, with this card present, as it may indicate a theft incident related to driving, your car, or a short trip somewhere. Also, be on the alert for deceptive intentions from one or more of your siblings. Just be a little cautious and enjoy the creative aspects of this powerful card. You may actually read some books or be exposed to some new information that makes a positive change in your life.

3 of Hearts (VC) - Don’t be surprised if some situation comes up unexpectedly during this period that leaves you perplexed about love or friendship. You may receive two offers at once, or someone new may come in that you find immensely attractive and gives you some cause to doubt your existing relationship. This is also an influence that means immaturity in love and fickleness of the affections. Don’t let your mind run away with your heart now. It may be hard to catch later.

Your other Mercury Card may indicate the person or situation in which you are feeling indecisive about. The good side of this card is that you have the desire and motivation to meet new people and to express your feelings, especially feelings of love and affection. This is a great influence for getting socially involved and making new contacts in either work or pleasure areas.

6 of Diamonds (DC) - This card indicates a lack of change in business affairs and a smoothing out in this area. Under a Six of Diamonds, there is no escape from debts and obligations. So if you owe money, you may have to pay now. This works both ways. This influence does not support change in business, and you may find any travel plans or business changes get postponed until later. Be prepared to settle up financially with anyone you owe money to, especially if they are related to education or your vehicle.

10 of Hearts (VC) - This card indicates a sudden or unexpected success, good news, or an opportunity to acquire some type of knowledge. This is a great card for things related to speaking, writing, teaching, or working with groups of people. Getting a good education and having some sort of instant acceptance or success in one or more of the mental fields is indicated. This may not be a long lasting influence, but it could bring the acquisition of some desired goal.

Venus (2/3/06 – 3/26/06)

10 of Spades(DC) - This is a card of success and happiness in love, home, money, work, health and family. It is an influence that overcomes negativity and problems. This success may be connected to females in some way or to the arts and music. This is also a good influence for a working marriage or for working with large groups of people. Business expansion is favored, and you should have the resources to do this comfortably.

Ace of Spades (VC) - During this period, you may have a secret lover or close friend that relieves the boredom of your current relationship. This could also be secret plans, hopes, friends, a gift, or a secret desire or wish for money and luxury. This can represent a close friend with whom you share secrets or a desire for work in the arts or in some way dealing with women. This card also holds the promise of spiritual solutions to some of your mundane problems.

The Ace of Spades means “transformation,” the process of death and rebirth. Regardless of the particulars of this period, you will probably experience an ending and a beginning somehow related to your love life or your family.

9 of Clubs (DC) - This card is one of disappointment, either with friends or with someone you love dearly. Disloyal or uncooperative friends could be a source of much heartache. Your own personal plans and projects could be sacrificed as a result of the current situation. This influence can bring a delay or disruption of marriage plans or the betrayal of a mate or lover. Adopting a universal approach to love could bring success and happiness under this influence.

Your other Venus Card may tell you who or what the emotional or personal challenge or ending is about. Also keep in mind that a strong or powerful other Venus Card, such as a Four, Eight, or Ten, could mitigate the adversity of this card and bring about very positive results from a situation that may seem like a disappointment at the outset.

4 of Diamonds (VC) - During this period, you will most likely have money to spend on luxury items to beautify your home or yourself, such as clothing. During this period, you are also likely to associate with successful people of financial means. With this influence, you can make money in businesses related to the home, clothing, artistic, or beauty products, as well as have much financial success with women. This generally indicates contentment in all financial matters.

This is such a powerful and stabilizing influence that it will produce very good results during this period, even if your other Venus Card is one of challenge or adversity.

Mars (3/27/06 – 5/17/06)

3 of Spades(DC) - This indicates an undecided business or work matter, possibly the result of having two jobs at once or getting two offers of work at once. This is not a good aspect for legal matters, as there could be some doubts or unsettled issues in this regard. With this influence, your own aggressive pursuit of all that you desire may get you involved in more projects or jobs than you can handle. This could be more draining than helpful for you at this time.

4 of Hearts (VC) - The influence brings happy relations with men and aggressive women. Combine aggressiveness with love for maximum benefits during this period. Aggressive pursuit of social popularity can bring success now. This card could also be a sign of success in a legal matter or any endeavor where men are concerned. This is a good influence for actors or actresses or anyone interacting with the public, particularly men.

This stabilizing influence of this card is powerful and will bring a happy period for you, even if the indications of your other Mars Card are more challenging. Even if your other Mars Card indicated a challenge or a problem, this card guarantees that you will overcome it and that the result will be a positive one. A successful card in the other position will further strengthen the influence of this card and could tell you who or what you will experience such satisfaction with during this fifty-two day period.

9 of Hearts (DC) - Jealousies or misunderstandings between you and your loved one(s) are likely during this period. Caution is advised when relating to men at this time, in business and personally. You may be inclined to leave behind undesirable situations during this period and move to greener pastures. Your own laziness combined with disappointment in others may prompt such an exit or make you impatient with the problems present. If you stick with it, you can overcome.

Look to your other Mars Card to find out what or who is involved in the challenges or endings that may arise during this period. Also, keep in mind that a positive card, such as a Four, Eight, or Ten, would tell you that regardless of the challenges present, you are likely to have a happy and productive outcome to the situations that present themselves during this fifty-two day period.

7 of Spades (VC) - This period can bring illness caused by overdoing it in work or passion or trouble from some male. This can also represent difficulties in a legal matter. Indulging in negativity at this time will only make matters worse. This period may be marked by much arguing, conflict, and disappointment. This card represents a challenge, one which can best be met by a careful self-examination of negative attitudes and emotional habits.

Jupiter (5/18/06 – 7/8/06)

4 of Diamonds(DC) - This is one of the best money cards that you can have. It indicates success and prosperity in all business affairs or satisfaction in a large investment. Business expansion is favored by this influence, as you should see good returns from all your past efforts at this time. You will make more through steady progress and sticking with your original plans now. This is a card of financial protection against any other influences, so don’t worry.

9 of Hearts (VC) - The Nine of Hearts in Jupiter is called the “Wish Card.” Indeed, you may get one or more of your important wishes fulfilled during this period. However, this is also a card of endings in certain key relationships. Many have had divorces under this influence. If so, it is likely to be an easy parting or one in which the prosperity flows in your direction. There also could be some ending to relationships with others with whom you have had business or professional ties during this period. If so, let them go, as this is a good influence for completing things or relationships from the past.

If you are involved in spiritual work or helping or teaching others in some way, this card is an indicator of great success and could bring huge financial rewards as well. This is the card of the counselor and the giver of love. Any activities along these lines could be highly rewarding, both financially and to your inner self as well.

Ace of Diamonds (DC) - During this period, you may have a strong desire to maintain status and financial standing that motivates you into much work and action. Under this influence, it is highly likely that you will begin a new job, line of work, or find a new way to make money. Things that begin during this period are destined for success. This could also represent an important communication regarding your business or financial investments. The effects of this influence will probably be an increase in hard work and perseverance that brings financial success.

3 of Diamonds (VC) - Here you have the possibility of financial success in two or more areas at once, or by expressing your creative energies. This is a great influence for those in the creative fields, whether that be artistic or financially creative work. Your involvement in two or more money schemes at once may also create some indecision and worry. The Jupiter period usually brings out the best of any cards found there, especially financially. Use this influence to make more money doing creative work or by diversifying what you are already doing into various channels.

Saturn (7/9/06 – 8/29/06)

8 of Hearts(DC) - This card gives you the power to overcome illness and to heal or help others if you desire. A lot of charm and emotional power are present for you now, and this can be used successfully to further your career and financial goals. With the karmic influence of Saturn, you may find that your own power to get what you want emotionally leads you into some difficult relationships, ones that perhaps reflect your own immaturity in handling this power.

This card is such a strong influence that it will override any negative influences present during this period. Even if your other Saturn Card were one of challenge or problem, this card guarantees that you will have a successful outcome an and overcoming of difficulties.

2 of Hearts (VC) - This period may bring a karmic relationship into your life. You may have a close friend or lover who needs your help to battle an illness or burden. They may, in turn, become a burden for you. Any intimate affairs begun now will likely have a fated quality about them and are likely to be challenging in one or more ways. You may be learning about the responsibilities that go along with love or your personal sexual expression. The net result of such “lessons in love” will be a more mature you, capable of acting with integrity and fairness in your most intimate relationships.

Jack of Hearts (DC) - At this time, you could be feeling some limitation brought about by the illness or ill-fortune of someone close to you, usually a good-hearted young man. You could feel obligated to give up your personal desires to help this man, and yet you feel chained down or limited in some way. This influence usually indicates a time when difficult but necessary sacrifices have to be made. The other card in this same period may give you more details about what or who is involved.

Be on the lookout for men of the Hearts suit, especially those who are younger or who may be approaching you from either a romantic or creative point of view. These are likely to prove burdensome in some way during this period.

8 of Hearts (VC) - This card gives you the power to overcome illness and to heal or help others if you desire. A lot of charm and emotional power are present for you now, and this can be used successfully to further your career and financial goals. With the karmic influence of Saturn, you may find that your own power to get what you want emotionally leads you into some difficult relationships, ones that perhaps reflect your own immaturity in handling this power.

This card is such a strong influence that it will override any negative influences present during this period. Even if your other Saturn Card were one of challenge or problem, this card guarantees that you will have a successful outcome an and overcoming of difficulties.

Uranus (8/30/06 – 10/20/06)

2 of Clubs(DC) - During this period, benefits come through sharing your personal quest for knowledge and cooperative efforts involving labor or some kind of community service project. An unexpected meeting of the minds may arise also. This is not a good influence for real estate deals or speculation, as the argumentative nature of the Two of Clubs could mean problems there. In addition, you must guard against a quarrelsome disposition with those you work with. Common goals help.

Ace of Hearts (VC) - Uranus’ influence here brings an element of the unusual to your social and romantic attractions. You may be the recipient of an unusual romantic proposition. In both these cases, unusual can also mean spiritual, “New Age”, Aquarian, sudden, or ahead of its time in some way. This influence can also bring about a desire to work, or to acquire occult, mystical, or futuristic knowledge. You could also meet many different and exciting people during this period.

6 of Spades (DC) - This period will be marked by a lack of change in business, labor relations, a property deal, or your health, regardless of whether or not it was desired. It will take extra effort to initiate almost anything now, so you may feel like you are stuck in a rut. This card is very good for psychics and natural healers, as it bestows more of those gifts during this period. Your own intuition will be active and available to you if you choose to become aware of it.

This is such a powerful karmic influence that you may find that you have to face the consequences of one or more of your actions or words from the past. Things that are “fated” often occur under the influence of the Six of Spades.

By tuning in to your most subtle thoughts and feelings now, you can make a strong connection to exactly what is your life’s purpose, especially as it relates to your work and career.

Jack of Clubs (VC) - This is a powerful and productive influence for all mental pursuits, especially those where you need creative ideas. The ideas and inspirations you get now will be far ahead of their time and will lead you to further success. You may have some psychic experiences as your mind is attuned to very high vibrations now. If you know any males of the Clubs suit, they will be somewhat unpredictable this year. Give them the space and freedom they need.

Any Club males you know may be acting strangely now or leaving you feeling uncertain about their intentions or commitments. It would be best just to let them go their own way and maintain an open friendship.

Neptune (10/21/06 – 12/11/06)

Ace of Hearts - During this period and perhaps for the entire year, you may find yourself dreaming about an idealistic love affair or birth of a child. If traveling, you may meet someone. Any affairs during this period will be marked by strong idealism and fantasy. You are cautioned not to make any serious commitments until after your birthday. However, the mystical feelings that come up around such a person may be hints to your past and bring you significant self-knowledge.

This card can also represent the beginning of a new relationship that takes you in new directions. It is also common for women to conceive or even give birth under this influence.

Jack of Clubs - This is a highly creative and inspirational influence promising many gifts from your mind and intuitive ability. If you are involved in any work or project that requires creativity and inspiration, this is a time when you will excel. You could also excel at sales work now. Clubs men that you meet this period and this year are likely to be an enigma to you. Though they may seem to be everything you dreamed of, you may not be able to trust them totally.
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