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For lunenoire- Yearly Chart

lunenoire - Yearly Chart for 11/21/05 - 11/20/06

Yearlong Influence Cards

Long-Range Cards

10 of Clubs – This card can bring measurable success and recognition in one of the mind related fields or endeavors. This could be publishing or teaching or other areas where large groups are benefited from your talent and brilliance. Recognition for your talents and efforts are forthcoming this year and somehow touch upon all the areas of your life and take on a light of prominence in your affairs. However, if you don’t have a productive and constructive outlet for your mind this year, this card can indicate problems with stress and difficulty sleeping at night. Find a good outlet for the mental powers present.

9 of Diamonds – This could be a year of major financial outlays for you or one of repeated disappointments relating to your money condition unless and until you learn to let prosperity flow into your life without your personal obstruction. This card can actually bring you sudden wealth if you achieve the proper state of mind. There will be much money that needs to go out this year, because the Nine of Diamonds represents the time for this to happen. However, remember that money is like the tides – once it goes out, it inevitably comes back in. If you don’t obstruct the flow of energy by trying to control it, it will come back even better than before. Flow with it.

At the same time, this card tells us that there are many things in your life, be they possessions, jobs, money, or relationships that have outlived their usefulness to you. This is the year to complete these things and to prepare for a new beginning that will follow.

5 of Hearts – This will be a year of many changes of the heart for you. If may be that you are in the process of a separation or divorce and that this will take a lot of your time, energy, and attention to handle. It could also be a year when you are just restless emotionally and want to break out of your current relationship or explore new ones. This may involve travel, which could take you away from your loved one or ones at different times of the year. One last and common occurrence under this card is that of moving to a new home.

At the same time, you will find that you are seeking many new emotional experiences and that you are meeting many new people as you progress. There is likely to be a basic change in the way you view relationships, marriage, and friendships. This is a year of transition from one way of being in a relationship to another, and it deserves to be acknowledged as being the place where your path is leading you.

Pluto/Result Cards

4 of Spades – One important aspect of your aspirations this year will be to create strength and stability in either your work, health, or living situation. You have made a decision to work hard and overcome a host of difficulties through developing inner strength and fortitude. To accomplish this goal, you must make many changes. Perhaps you have decided to take full responsibility for your health and will begin a comprehensive program of diet and fitness. Or just as likely, you may want to develop more efficient and organized work habits.

On a deep level, you are wanting more peace of mind, stability, and security in your life. This may not be easy, but you can do it. Perhaps things have not been going as well as you would like at work. Whatever your specific goals for the year, it will require inner strength and determination and the willingness to try new approaches.

7 of Diamonds (RC) – One of your major challenges this year will be to overcome worry or concern about money. If handled successfully, you may end up this year with more money than you ever have imagined. This may not be an easy task, as you may have to dismantle old attitudes and beliefs that tell you your financial status is controlled by forces outside yourself. As you reclaim your power, your Pluto Card will be there to guide the way.

Success with the Seven of Diamonds requires that we carry on with our work and our life in spite of financial conditions that may be less than ideal. It also requires that we exhibit trust and faith that everything will be fine. The best tool at your disposal to get the highest and best manifestation from this powerful spiritual influence is gratitude.

9 of Diamonds – During this year, you will find yourself often confused with financial outlays of one kind or another, and these may truly tax your sense of prosperity and financial well being. Whether you are investing this money for the future, giving it to charity, losing it on investments, paying it out on needed expenses, or having unexpected financial outlays such as cars breaking down, you will have to let go of some money this year. The only attitude that will help you retain peace of mind is that of letting go and having faith that you will be provided for by the universe. This is a cycle of money going out. These are always followed by cycles of money coming back in.

This can also be a year when you complete your involvement with a certain type of work or money making venture or occupation. Usually, when this card is in Pluto, we tend to resist letting go of any means of support that has perhaps outlived its real meaning in our lives. Sometimes this card will signal a year when this job or occupation is taken away from us against our will. If we realize that the time has come to move on and simply accept the timing of things, we can flow with this on to something much better. Something new and better always follows a nine year.

9 of Hearts (RC) – The net results of this year’s efforts is likely to be the ending of one or more of your significant relationships. You may sense that these are coming to an end this year, and you may even want this, knowing that it will be for your own good. The Nine of Hearts means letting go of personal attachments to people. As you let goof certain people, you will be magically transformed to a higher level of awareness and led to a new beginning in your personal relationships whereby you will attract new people that are much better for you in this new place that you have arrived at in your life.

Queen of Spades – Somehow connected to your Result Card for this year, you are attempting to develop a sense of mastery from within, a greater level of organizational ability, or both. The Queen of Spades is a powerful card, and you are indeed asking for a lot. Self-mastery comes from inner knowledge and self-control. It comes from controlling one’s thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, words, and actions guided by higher principles. It is knowing that you can have everything you want, not by changing the world, but by changing yourself.

The Queen of Spades can be a card of drudgery and hard labor. It would not be surprising if you found yourself having to work very hard this year and possibly doing work that you find someone distasteful or tedious. Spades are work, and the Queen uses her work as Karma Yoga, a tool to purify her thoughts and emotions.

This is the goal you have set before yourself, and you must have good reasons for why you want this. Keep those reasons uppermost in your mind as you progress through the year. You no doubt will have to make some changes both within and outside of yourself to achieve this goal, and it will not always be easy.

6 of Diamonds (RC) – As a result of dealing with your Pluto Card this year, you will end up settling some outstanding financial obligations that are either owed to you or by you. Challenging situations this year will show you the way to total fairness in your money and business dealings, resulting in a more mature and healthy attitude about money and debts. This will naturally lead to a stable financial condition as all past debts are settled and brought into balance.

The Six of Diamonds has another special significance as the Result Card of this year. That is, it could signal the time when you actually discover or deepen your connection to a special mission or purpose for your life. Since so many people are searching for their special purpose, you are extremely fortunate to have this opportunity happen at this time.


7 of Clubs – This is a year that you could receive many benefits from exposure to “spiritual knowledge.” Spiritual knowledge comprises any sort of information that leads us back to a deeper understanding of ourselves. So, you could take some workshops, read some new books, or meet new people who expose you to some of this knowledge. If so, open yourself up to receive. This information will be nothing less than a blessing in your life and a source of many good things.


Jack of Diamonds – This card guarantees financial success if you are ready to promote or sell your ideas, products, or services. Your ability to attract the right people and then to sway them to your side is enormous this year. Use this influence to increase sales or to simply come up with better ideas on how to make more money. As the “salesman’s card,” the Jack of Diamonds will bring more success in sales, but almost all types of business and financial enterprises will benefit.


10 of Hearts – Social or family commitments or working involving the public or large groups may take up a lot more of your time and energy than you planned this year. Expect to have to pay more attention to these areas and to have to put in more effort than expected to get them to go right. Likewise, if you are involved in a business, getting your products to market will take a lot of energy and determination. The Ten of Hearts represents groups of people, whether they are children, customers, fans, or people attending your wedding. One of more of these areas will be taxing your energies this year or require more of your attention in order to maintain good conditions and relationships.


5 of Diamonds – Discontentment with your financial situation and restlessness may motivate some important changes in your life this year. However, most changes, whether in your work or personal life, will carry a higher price than usual in terms of your time and energy. Your dissatisfaction may prove bothersome and a source of irritation during the course of this year, as though there is something more that you need from life, but you are having a hard time putting your finger on it. It is highly likely that you will change occupations this year to some degree or that at the least you will try some new ways of making money. Just take care that the changes you make do not contribute to a sense of insecurity and instability. Try to maintain some areas of stability that you can draw upon when you need it.

Period Cards

Mercury (11/21/05 – 1/12/06)

6 of Clubs(DC) - This can mean a period of relative quiet and harmony that lasts but a few days. This is a card of intuitive potential but an inclination to laziness now may prevent you from doing anything with it. Your life can be harmonious now if you take steps towards being responsible for the ways in which you communicate with others and be willing to make compromises and adjustments as well. This could be a very peaceful and enjoyable period.

10 of Hearts (VC) - This influence will bring sudden social success among some group of people or success in areas dealing with communication, publishing, or speaking. This could mean a party, such as a birthday party, or some other gathering where there are lots of people for you to impress with your wit and charm. This influence can be applied for business or financial success by scheduling advertising or promotions while this card is present.

King of Clubs (DC) - This powerful card of applied wisdom guarantees success in all your mental pursuits this period and this year. Your ability to distinguish the truth from illusion and to sort out the myriad of details seems amazing. You can apply the mind power of the “King of Knowledge” to any mental pursuit with success. You may even take a leadership role at work or in some mental pursuit that sets you apart from the crowd. Even your intuition is running high now.

King of Hearts (VC) - This period could find you spending time with a man who is kind, intelligent, and a good influence. He may come in and out of your life quickly, but you will find him to be intellectually stimulating and friendly. You have a lot of emotional power and charm now that can help you meet new friends or bring you rewards in any business or work that involves dealing with people. Your ability to communicate in a loving manner can bring many rewards.

2 of Diamonds (DC) - Here we have a business communication or meeting that comes and goes quickly. This could be an unexpected or fleeting money deal or partnership or a sudden business deal that requires some short trips. Also possible is a financial arrangement with a relative such as a brother or sister. Under Mercury this partnership may happen suddenly and last a short time only. It may be a quick investment that pays quick returns. Be ready for the unexpected.

6 of Spades (VC) - During this period, you can expect steady employment, steady health, and the steady pursuit of educational goals. However, you could stay unemployed if you are already when you begin this period. At the same time, you will be encouraged to be responsible in your communications with others at this time and to make compromises to maintain peace and achieve your goals. Be aware of what you say and how you say it, or others may have to point it out to you.

Venus (1/13/06 – 3/5/06)

2 of Clubs(DC) - You are most likely to be attracted to those with whom you can share intellectual pursuits, and this may stimulate you to join a group with this sort of focus in mind. You don’t want to be alone now, and this will motivate you to be more socially involved. In your love relationships, you will be attracted to those with whom you can communicate as well as share common interests of the mind.

9 of Clubs (VC) - This card is one of disappointment, either with friends or with someone you love dearly. Disloyal or uncooperative friends could be a source of much heartache. Your own personal plans and projects could be sacrificed as a result of the current situation. This influence can bring a delay or disruption of marriage plans or the betrayal of a mate or lover. Adopting a universal approach to love could bring success and happiness under this influence.

Your other Venus Card may tell you who or what the emotional or personal challenge or ending is about. Also keep in mind that a strong or powerful other Venus Card, such as a Four, Eight, or Ten, could mitigate the adversity of this card and bring about very positive results from a situation that may seem like a disappointment at the outset.

2 of Hearts (DC) - This time period should bring you a very satisfying love relationship. This is one of the best indicators of love and happiness in relationships of all sorts. In particular, you may have a satisfying reunion with a dear friend or lover. This could also be the time that you meet someone new and get off on the right foot for a long-term love affair, friendship, or marriage. Relationships now are somewhat blessed and bring positive energy into your life.

3 of Clubs (VC) - Indecision about love and friendship is the major influence of this card. There may be some uncertainty in choosing friends and some disappointments as well. Making sacrifices for loved ones could also confuse you in some way. Too many social or personal love interests could prove to be draining or burdensome during this period. See if it isn’t your own fickleness and indecision that is the root cause of any disappointments with friendships.

10 of Spades (DC) - This is a card of success and happiness in love, home, money, work, health and family. It is an influence that overcomes negativity and problems. This success may be connected to females in some way or to the arts and music. This is also a good influence for a working marriage or for working with large groups of people. Business expansion is favored, and you should have the resources to do this comfortably.

8 of Clubs (VC) - The power of your mind can bring money and success during this period, especially with respect to women. This could mean advancement in female schools or with females. It can mean development of psychic powers or the feminine side. This brings success particularly in association with groups of women of all kinds. You may be a salesperson or a teacher or a speaker, but regardless of your sex, you will find more success with women at this time.

This is such a powerful and stabilizing influence that it will produce very good results during this period, even if your other Venus Card is one of challenge or adversity.

Mars (3/6/06 – 4/26/06)

2 of Spades(DC) - This card means a partnership with a man or men. This could also indicate a meeting with an attorney about a legal matter. This is an excellent influence for attorneys or anyone involved in negotiating work. Under this influence, you will work best in a partnership and have the ability to keep the peace among those at odds with each other. Though it may be a challenge, your honest efforts and hard work could bring much progress towards your work goals now.

8 of Spades (VC) - This period will bring you the ambition and drive to accomplish as much success as you like. Success in a legal matter or in dealing with groups or associations with men is especially favored. This is one of the most powerful combinations of energies you can find. You can achieve just about anything you desire at this time through your will and hard work. Just be careful that your abrupt manner doesn’t put people off.

The powerful and overcoming influence of this card is strong and will bring a happy and successful period for you, even if the indications of your other Mars Card are more challenging.

8 of Spades (DC) - This period will bring you the ambition and drive to accomplish as much success as you like. Success in a legal matter or in dealing with groups or associations with men is especially favored. This is one of the most powerful combinations of energies you can find. You can achieve just about anything you desire at this time through your will and hard work. Just be careful that your abrupt manner doesn’t put people off.

The powerful and overcoming influence of this card is strong and will bring a happy and successful period for you, even if the indications of your other Mars Card are more challenging.

7 of Diamonds (VC) - This period will present a financial challenge from an investment, payment, or loss. This could have been as the result of a legal matter, an argument, gambling, or speculation. Your own aggressive nature and impatience could have played a major role in this. At the root of any money problems will be a fear of poverty and attachment to money plans. Take responsibility for your core attitudes, and you could turn this adversity into unexpected prosperity.

Look to your other Mars Card to find out what or who is involved in the challenges that may arise during this period. Also keep in mind that a positive card, such as a Four, Eight, or Ten, would tell you regardless of the challenges present, you are likely to have a happy and productive outcome to the situations that present themselves during this fifty-two-day period.

5 of Hearts (DC) - In Mars, the Five of Hearts promises many changes and a certain restlessness within you. These may jeopardize love and work relationships. Connected with a man or your work are possible changes in feelings or location. Men provide stimulation but also stimulate restlessness. In general, you will be more restless than usual and this could inspire changes in work or love. Be careful with this energy as breakups can often be devastating and expensive, especially if you end up in a legal battle.

Ace of Clubs (VC) - This influence bestows an aggressive quest for knowledge or self-improvement. Seeking knowledge for power, aggressive communications, and communications with men are in focus. Metaphysical knowledge can bring valuable rewards now. These is a possibility of you needing specific information to help you in some sort of legal proceeding during this period. Overall, you will be more aggressive and passionate in your pursuit of knowledge, whether it be specific information or knowledge in general.

This influence can also mean the beginning of a new job or project, especially if they are associated with communications, publishing, or teaching in some way.

Jupiter (4/27/06 – 6/17/06)

6 of Spades(DC) - During this period, your business and financial interests should be running smoothly and steadily. Staying in your current business brings the most rewards now, and it may be difficult to effect any changes now. Look for ways that you can get more out of what you are doing with whom you are currently involved. It is likely that there are some favors or rewards owed to you that will come your way before this period ends. The more you give, the more you will receive.

Queen of Clubs (VC) - Much success, both professionally and financially is possible this period by applying your intuition and organizational ability in your work. This powerful card of mind power and intuition will give you insights into better ways of making money, creative writing ability, organizing, and overall business acumen that will help you in many ways. Though you may find yourself a bit on the impatient side, the mental quickness you have will be worth it.

8 of Diamonds (DC) - This is a card of recognition and reward for efforts. A large sum of money could come into your life now, possibly making you affluent. Expansion of all business and financial dealings is favored by this auspicious influence. This influence brings such a focus on money that it might even be too much. Money is power, but it must be used wisely and for good purposes to bring inner satisfaction.

The Eight of Diamonds card usually shows up when there are important purchases to make. It usually brings in the money you need to buy something that you want. The extent of your financial success during this period will depend upon how well you are set up to take in large amounts of money. If you can find ways to increase the quantity of goods and services you are providing, you can create more ways for this influence to pay off for you.

2 of Clubs (VC) - This influence is one of successful meeting of business interests or partnerships. Emphasize cooperation and avoid quarreling to get best results and the financial rewards could be great. In general, sharing your quest for knowledge could bring material and personal benefits during this period. This influence promotes harmony and wisdom in all meetings and intellectual partnerships and gives financial rewards through those avenues.

3 of Diamonds (DC) - Here you have the possibility of financial success in two or more areas at once, or by expressing your creative energies. This is a great influence for those in the creative fields, whether that be artistic or financially creative work. Your involvement in two or more money schemes at once may also create some indecision and worry. The Jupiter period usually brings out the best of any cards found there, especially financially. Use this influence to make more money doing creative work or by diversifying what you are already doing into various channels.

5 of Diamonds (VC) - Changes in business and traveling are financially beneficial under this influence. This is one of the best influences for a successful business trip, doing selling and promoting, or making a change of occupation. Honesty and repayment of debts are also promoted by this influence. Your own extravagance could deplete your resources now, so be careful. The Five of Diamonds in this period may indicate large sums of money changing hands, changing your job, or changing the way that you are making money. If so, flow with the changes, as they are leading you to greater success and satisfaction.

Saturn (6/18/06 – 8/8/06)

4 of Diamonds(DC) - This influence can bring in money made through another’s misfortune or death. It indicates a satisfactory ending to a financial problem since it is a card of overcoming difficulties. Success is achieved through hard work, patience, and discipline. This card assures you that you will have good health care in the case of any illness. You may have to work harder now for results, but they will come and will be long lasting.

This card is such a strong influence that it will override any negative influences present during this period. Even if your other Saturn Card were one of challenge or problem, this card guarantees that you will have a successful outcome and an overcoming of difficulties.

7 of Hearts (VC) - Jealousy, fearful attachments, and betrayal could be the cause of considerable emotional trauma during this period. This, in turn, could have a negative effect on your health. You may feel betrayed by someone, or situations have arisen that threaten your feeling of security in your personal relationships. Often, your other Saturn Card may be the Birth Card of someone who is a part of this scenario. You are being challenged now to practice non-attachment in your closest relationships and to overcome your fears of abandonment. You may feel as though you are being forced to make a sacrifice now, but if you apply your wisdom to the current situation, you could learn the value of real love.

Also, bear in mind that the difficulties or challenges indicated by this card could be offset by a strong card in the other position, for example, any of the Fours, Eights, or Tens.

Jack of Diamonds (DC) - This card can represent a businessman or associate with whom you have obligations or problems. This can be a karmic relationship, one that requires hard work and patience for success. It is necessary to regulate and balance your affairs at this time. Creative projects to make money may seem a burden to you, but this is a necessary part of establishing yourself and your future success. You will have success now, but you will need to work hard for it.

9 of Spades (VC) - This is a strong indicator of illness of you or a friend. This illness may be lingering and hard to diagnose and may interfere with work or other plans. Care should be taken in minding your health. This is one of the most difficult of influences, one that represents karmic debts to be repaid, that is, payments for things you have done in the past. Any negativity or bad habits now will only aggravate the situation.

This card can also indicate the ending of a job, relationship, or other important area in your life. Your other Saturn Card may tell you what will come to an end during this period. Because of Saturn’s influence, it is likely that you will resist this ending more than you would in other circumstances. However, it will end anyway and ultimately will lead you to something better. This card usually indicates something in our lives that really is not good for us that has been hanging around much longer than it should. The death of this issue, regardless of what it is, usually comes hard in Saturn, but great healing always follows.

Also bear in mind that the difficulties or challenges indicated by this card could be offset by a strong card in the other Saturn position, for example any of the Fours, Eights, or Tens.

3 of Clubs (DC) - Worry and fear of the future could be your major concerns this year, especially in this period. This worry could be related somehow to an illness of a family member or yourself. Either you are worrying about this illness or the worry reaches the point of causing illness. Saturn has a karmic implication, which means that this could be a repayment of one of your past actions. Take extra special care of your health and diet now.

You have a lot of creative energy now, and in order to stay in a positive frame of mind, you would be better off if you found some way to express this creativity in a positive way. Though creative projects may be difficult now, it is in your best interest to pursue them and to keep these creative juices flowing into constructive projects and goals. Also, the difficulties indicated by this card could be offset by a strong card in the other position, for example any of the Fours, Eights, or Tens.

7 of Clubs (VC) - Negative attitudes, worry, and pessimism can affect your health at this time. In some cases, scandal or backbiting are involved. A positive attitude, patience, and mental discipline are a MUST in order to maintain your well-being. During this period, you will be faced squarely with the effects of your own negative attitudes and beliefs. Spiritual and mental discipline is the key to mastering not only yourself, but any problems on the external level.

Also, bear in mind that the difficulties or challenges indicated by this card could be offset by a strong card in the other Saturn position, for example, any of the Fours, Eights, or Tens.

Uranus (8/9/06 – 9/29/06)

3 of Spades(DC) - This influence indicates indecision about a real estate deal, your work, affairs of employees, or psychic experiments. During this period, you may find yourself either working two jobs at once at the same time or finding a creative outlet in which to invest yourself. Whether this is a positive or stressful influence will depend upon how you decide to use this strong creative influence.

The Three of Spades is called the “Artist’s Card” and for this reason, this is a wonderful and beneficial influence for self-expression and creative work of all kinds. You can do a lot towards relieving any mental worry and anxiety by getting yourself involved in some creative project.

5 of Hearts (VC) - During this period, you may take an unexpected trip or have a sudden change of feelings or even a separation from a loved one. This may result from your own need for personal freedom combined with some restlessness of the heart. This influence may also see you making a trip somehow connected to labor, work, or real estate. This is one of the stronger influences for a move to a new home or for the sale of property.

5 of Spades (DC) - During this period, you will have a change of some importance. This could be a change of profession or a change in the labor force of a business. This is also a strong indicator of a sale of real estate or a change of residence, both of which might be unexpected. Changes or travel that happen now may happen unexpectedly and may leave you feeling somewhat insecure or unsettled. These changes are most likely overdue and beneficial in many ways.

Jack of Spades (VC) - The “Actor” or “Rip-off” Card’s presence in your life this period warns you to be cautious in several areas. One is in real estate matters, and the other is in your work area with co-workers. Watch yourself and your belongings carefully. At the same time, your creativity is at an all time high, and some of the ideas that you come up with could be well ahead of their time and successfully applied to your work or business for more gain.

On spiritual levels, this card could indicate your beginning a new lifestyle, one that is more in line with higher spiritual principles or philosophies. This is the card of initiation into a higher life.

Any Spades males you know may be acting strangely now or leaving you feeling uncertain about their intentions or commitments. It would be best just to let them go their own way and maintain an open friendship.

Ace of Spades (DC) - This period may bring a secret real estate transaction, labor-related issue, or some secret about your job. This card is a card of ambition and desire. Thus, people often begin new jobs or careers under this influence. However, for those on a spiritual path, this card holds a deep and mystical meaning that my also apply at the same time.

This can also mean a strong desire for occult knowledge or secret knowledge. A card that represents psychic gifts, you may even be motivated to join a secret society or organization during this period. This card can represent a powerful religious or psychic experience or a strong desire for some specific work or project.

4 of Hearts (VC) - Somehow, the affairs indicated by your other Uranus Card will have something to do with marriage, a home, a house, or the attainment of satisfaction in your love life.

Under Uranus, the Four of Hearts card could bring an unexpected or unusual marriage, possibly with spiritual overtones. Also possible are unusual social or sexual involvements. Your work sphere should be a source of happiness now, and you may make a satisfactory real estate deal under this influence. Relationships with coworkers are likely to be very friendly and satisfying for you at this time.

This card also indicates that if you are married, you and your partner are allowing each other the space to pursue your individual goals and plans this year. Though you may feel that you never know whether your partner is coming or going from day-to-day, this influence does encourage both of you to “do your own thing.” It is a great connection for friendship and unconditional love.

This influence is a strongly grounding force that will bring satisfaction in this period regardless of what card may appear as your bottom Uranus Card. The net and overall result of this period will be satisfaction and contentment.

Neptune (9/30/06 – 11/20/06)

4 of Clubs - Happiness and satisfaction can come through traveling or in something connected to a distant affair or one who travels. Also indicated is contentment in some role as a healer or in being the “nurse” for someone. The contentment you feel now may have deep spiritual overtones to it and thus may resonate some deeper parts of yourself. This influence can also indicate contact with the unseen realms or other forms of psychic phenomena.

9 of Diamonds - This influence can bring a loss of money related to travel, foreign interests, drugs and alcohol, or deception. However, it is just as possible that this money could be money that is invested in your business or other financial instruments – money that will return to you later when your investments pay off. A trip now could prove to be much more expensive than you had planned and may not bring as much enjoyment. Even under the most favorable of circumstances, one should always be careful in all financially related dealings with this card present.

On the positive side, you could experience the completion of a financially related project that has been going on for a long time. Its culmination may leave you feeling a bit lost or confused, but by the time your next birthday comes around, you’ll be back in action, moving towards new goals and ideals. This is an excellent influence for giving money to the poor or helping others out financially with no expectation of repayment.

It is entire possible that a long-time cherished dream or possession of yours could come to an end or be lost during this period. This could be something that you have been worrying about losing from time to time this year. If so, don’t be afraid or disappointed. This ending is actually the best thing for you and everyone else in your life. Let it go, and many new and better things will soon come to replace it.

4 of Hearts - This period could see you taking a pleasurable journey, probably over water. Your marriage or closest relationship will probably take on an idealistic tone that may seem quite wonderful and romantic now. Indeed there is a possibility of experiencing a “divine” love now with real spiritual overtones. Just be careful under the Neptune influence, as you may tend to see others as you want them to be, rather than as they truly are.

This card can also affect you for the entire year, causing you to dream about a perfect marriage or house that you want.
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